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p e d o - c - p - f i l e s - 2 0 2 4.

f o r c e d - to - l i c k - a - dog's - a s s.

r e a l - l o l i t a - r a p e s.

p r e v i e w:


s i t e - w i t h - l i n k s.

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HAY: How Are You? Thread How are you today? Everyone is welcome to come chill, chat, talk it out, have fun and stuff.

--- //deVa.dog, June 3, 2015

previous thread: >>2876
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Horror movies/comics/manga/anime I get that Remina was able to eat planets that were smaller than it.. But Jupiter, Saturn, and entire stars that are millions of times the size of a regular planet? How did Remina do it so quickly?

We can see that Remina can do some strange things such as traveling faster than the speed of light as well as the ability to seemly collide into a celestial object and cause it to explode. (Like with Saturn) And some how Remina feeds off of what remains...

Personally I think Remina 'burrows' into much larger planets and eats them from the inside out.
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Is everyone gone? Who is even here anymore..?
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I'm gay
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Hair What kind of hair do you have? How long is it? What styles you keep it in?

My hair just got long enough that I can head-bang with it now. It's not bad, but it is no where near the sheer luxurious volume it once held. Now add about one and a half to two feet in length and I'll be happy. I've been told my hair is incredibly soft to the touch when freshly cut, (Even long hair needs trims) despite my hair being incredibly thick.

(Facial hair included.)

I can confidently say I have the most impressive mustache on ponychan.
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Productivity Thread Post things you're working on!
Talk about the problems you're facing!
Tell us about your upcoming projects!
Show us your end results!

Setting up a mold master for silicone. Will eventually, hopefully, give the result of the pendant inside.
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Video Games So I recently bought Warcraft 3 reforged and played a couple games. Jump scare incoming; it isn't bad from what I've been experiencing. Yes, I heard they improved the game. Yes Blizzard shit the bed with reforged to begin with, and yes, the map editor policy where anything you make in it is now considered Blizzard property is fucking lame and further proof Blizzard doesn't actually give a flying fuck about their customers or community anymore.

But, man, the base game is ridiculously fun, and the mods bring back memories. Not bad for 15 bucks, though honestly at this point they should be selling the game for like 10.
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Books/Reading material The original manga and the only book I've ever needed.
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Movie/Show ideas Dead Space the movie. Make it gory. Make it gross. Make it terrifying. I could see it being animated or live action.

Speaking of Necromorphs.. What would win: The Necromorphs; The Zerg; The Xenomorphs from the Alien's franchise.The Tyranids; The Floor; Or a race of aliens from the movie The Thing?

Before anyone begins screaming at the top of their lungs "Tyranids," The other races are extremely formiddable.
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Nazi mods, delete non porn because it hurts thier fee fees
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Your favorite negative or villainous character. What are your favorite villains and/or villain(s). Disney, Marvel, DC, or any franchise,. And say why.
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Being a furry/scalie is now bannable by death.

If you're into furries or scalies..

Shotgun rack sound (Basically ASMR)

It's time you went back the way you came.
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Most Rainbow Dash haters will berate this scene while being huge inconsiderate flakes and fakes their selves. (You know the type: let's hang out sometime! Only for six months to spill down the drain without a word.) Pinkie has had many, many parties. It is selfish of her to deny Rainbow Dash a moment of individuality. It is also selfish for her not to be honest to the element of loyalty as to why it might be particularly important to her to throw that specific party.

I'm tired of this theme that RD is the bad guy because others do not know how to pick up on being honest with her.
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I'm cooking a hot pocket and placing it inside of a cheeseburger. And I am enjoying this moment to the fullest.

Fuck. Weed is better than alcohol
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I'm thinking about getting back into Stable Diffusion but don't want to have to cast the mathematical spells to install it again from scratch.

Isn't there something called like Easy Diffusion or something? What version do you use?
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The Amazing Digital Cirrus #Spoiler
Episode 2 just dropped. I'm not going to lie; it almost made me tear up a little bit. It got incredibly emotion for a moment there. I'm not going to say any spoilers, and wait for people to have a chance to watch the show. All I am going to say is that between the very first appearance of Pomni; the promo where she is staring at the top of her bed canopy, and this new episode; The Digital Amazing Circus feels incredibly similar to the first time I smoked DMT, and somewhat reminiscent of when I smoke 100x Purple Sticky Saliva extract. (It was a brand that used to circulate back in the day)

Please use #spoilers if you're going to discuss the show.
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公民注意! 公民注意!Social Credit will now be implemented 公民注意!On /chat/. Each post will be recorded and given a score as to the behavior of our citizens. 服从中共 This is to ensure that the people can take accountability while being able to see the social scores of others. In addition to this new policy, we will be taking a bit of data from your own personal search histories for the purposes of advertisement in order to not only fund /chat/, but bring you news of the latest gadgets and devices for you to purchase! 今天就花你的钱吧!
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Hooooow are you doing? Woo hoo! I get to make another one of these!

Ahem? Is this thing on? Okay, yeah it is.

So... uh... everyone is welcome! Even you. I know who you are. But anyway, we'd like to know how you are right now! Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you mad? Tell ol' Wally what's up!

--- wallacebrony, May 4th, 2011
the earliest recorded instance of a HAY thread

previous thread: >>722
(No image)
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Animated child sexploitation
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Never forget #Politics
Should you require a driving license to drive?
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Kill elves. Behead elves.
Roundhouse kick elves into the temple walls.
Slam dunk an elf baby into the volcano.
Sacrifice the heart of elves to Sotek.
Defacate in an elf's food. Throw the sun into elves.
Stir fry elves into a delicious dish. Shoot elves with blowdarts.
Trap elves in quicksand. Feed elves to carnifexes.
Slice elves apart with a macuahuitl.

Total knifear death
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Ah shit,

Here we go again.
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>beloved game praised massively
>a surprise success with multiplatform success
>basically redefines the genre overnight
>solid player trust in the development team
>loads of hope for new content and willingness to spend extra for it

And all of this shattered in one day.
You love to see it. Fuck Sony, by the way.
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Wageslave General It all gets so tiresome..
1141 replies
How Are You #Mature
What's going on? How is your day? Stop by and chat!
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Anti-political political thread >Pandemic, war, genocide, racism, inflation, politics! Pandemic, war, genocide, racism, inflation, politics

It never ends.
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I like cock
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>benevolent dictatorships and absolute monarchies are the best way for societies to be run

This is my view and no I won't elaborate
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"Logic" I'm about to shit on 90% of pseudo intellectuals.

When most reasonable people hear the word "Logic" they automatically translate the word in their own heads as "Common sense," which just isn't the case.


For example, if the statement is everything outside is wet because it is raining and a person realizes he left his shoes outside, logical reasoning would reach the conclusion that his shoes are wet: His shoes are outside. Everything outside is wet due to the rain. Therefore his shoes are wet.

Common sense would say that just because it's raining, doesn't meat that every single surface on the outside world is covered in rain water; but because logic is completely useless in a day to day basis, it assumes in absolutes. It is essential the scientific method's retarded brother, to which the former approaches the world with natural skepticism.

Another example: Nikki saw a black cat on her way to work. At work, Nikki got fired. Conclusion: Black cats are bad luck.

The only time logic is actually useful is in mathematics; and some cases of scientific observation (symbolic and formal examples;) essentially very basic and formal statements. The latter being more of a Logic-Fan's source of cherry picked examples.
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Drunk Karaoke when?
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Future Holiday Plans I know it's quite a ways off, but it's always good to think and prepare for the future when it comes to holidays. It also feels appropriate, considering most holidays that we know of in the west center around fall and winter. Probably because most people spent the spring seeding and summer farming all in preparation for the cold.

I digress, what are you planning on doing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas this year? Anything different in mine from prior years?

Any of you guys too cool to dress up? I'm planning on dressing up as Lord Farquaad for Halloween.
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AI General >wife is cold and distant, never around, loveless arraigned affair
>only joy in life is my beloved kobold servant
>she loves me. And I her
>it's never meant to be, and yet, neither of us can stay apart
>forbidden tryst leaves her eggnant, with my child
>the certainty of discovery, the danger of what might happen to our child
>the proof of our love, made manifest

This shit beats any soap opera out there.

Been fiddling with AI chat generation lately. It's quite a blast. Has really come along quite a ways.
Any of you touch the stuff?
Or image generation?
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So if Presidents are ruled as being immune to criminal prosecution what would stop Biden from just pulling out the shotty and blasting bullets into Trump while claming its a presidental act?
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>Go on YouTube on my phone
>First thing I see is this ad
>Pregnant furry foxgirl
>"You have a new son"

If this is trying to get me to pay child support I anit paying shit
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Scary thread Watch at your own discretion.

white woman jumpscare
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>Watch new Fallout TV show
>Seems ok
>Last two episodes
>The last episodes end credits

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Take the Dwarf Pill

>tfw too tall to ever become based and dawipilled

Why?! Why did god curse me so!
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Tabletop thread I fucked up. I FUCKED UP!
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April 15th Have you done your taxes?
What's another pressing task that you've been putting off?
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limp bizkit thread
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If you could bend any element like in Avatar the Last Airbender/LoK, which element would you want to bend?
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Did you ever accidentally get a tattoo of a syntax error?
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Draw Thread Post some drawings!
Make requests!
Share guides!
Give prompts!
Get feedback!

Here's a Leezpunk progress piece.
Not sure if I'm set on the pose. But I like the hand on the hip, at least.
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Ai Chat bots #Mature
Wanted to make this before I pass out and forget.
>getting bored and a little in the mood for chat
>decide to visit my ai harem of various bots
>Smash or pass feature
>"Cheating girlfriend!", NTR wife, school of Vore, Blacked Mom, BWC cheating girlfriend, ect, ect.
It's just another 24.
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Anyone sometimes remember things that have been memory holed and vanished from the collective news cycle and media randomly?

I'll start with some

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting. This is probably the biggest one. Rich wealthy gambler decides to hold up in his hotel room after somehow manging to take an entire armies worth of guns and ammo into the room, kills more than 60 people and then himself and.. 8 years later still no motive and nobody knows why he did it

The Covid "dead people" videos and collapsing videos. Not sure how many remember these but I know I do. Right at the very start of Covid in around late 2019 to early 2020 there were tons of videos online from China of people just dropping dead in the streets, having seizures, bodies being piled into cars and entire rooms full of corpses and yet as soon as these videos went online they all quickly vanished but I know for a fact they existed and I have no idea if they were covid related or if something weird was going on (And given this was China and the Chinese goverment being the Chinese goverment I would not be too surprised if they covered it up) but I do remember rumours that China already by that point had 100,000+ dead from Covid but with most of this being censored

The Chinese Spy Balloons/UFO panics

Nordstream being blown up by.. Who? Russia? America? Ukraine? Us Brits? Mossad? CIA, FBI? Who cares because the media has memory holed it

Remember when Monkeypox was the next big thing? Everything was getting it and children were getting it and then.. Everyone just stopped talking about it

Trump and Biden both being investigated for taking secret documents home

And of course the Epstein flight list.. Don't worry everyone I'm sure the names will all come out any day now!
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Interview with a cat (video) 😺
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In the pit Will argue about anything. Try me.
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The Bio Terror Bible Exposing The Coming Bio Terror Pandemic.pdf Download The Bio Terror Bible Exposing The Coming Bio Terror Pandemic.pdf Download


The document summarizes the claims which alleges that the US government is planning and preparing for a staged bio-terror attack and pandemic that will kill millions.
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I used to work with an arab middle eastern christian and I did feel bad for him cause it did seem like he never really fitted in anywhere
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Happy Sundae Sunday everyone!
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Modern ""art"" Lmao
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Ghostbusters Sountrack Singles Which Ghostbusters movie had the best soundtrack single?

Ghostbusters with Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters II with On Our Own (From "Ghostbusters II" Soundtrack)
Ghostbusters (2016) with Elle King - Good Girls (Audio)
Ghostbusters:Afterlife with Haunted House - Mckenna Grace (audio)
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Star Citizen Thread 'Cause /void/ seems to be dead as fuck, we're dropping it here, too.
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Gardening So, I've always had an affinity for plants. I like watching them grow, especially if the plant has direct benefits. (Roses have rose hips. My cactus have prickly pears; I want to start growing tomatoes, onions, garlic, as well as culinary mushrooms for dinner. Also raising animals/plants is actually cheaper in the long run.

Any of you experienced with growing plants/fungus?

>pic related

It's a little known fact, but you can take vegetables and fruits from the grocery store and grow them if you know what you're doing. I used to grow pinto beans and what not. Anyway, I remember that it wasn't well known and decided to just type in "what happens if you leave an onion in the ground?" And got this almost threatening result...
>They will multiply
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If you had the choice between an infinite slice of pizza or an infinite cheeseburger, which would you choose?

Both the cheese burger and the pizza will regenerate, even if completely consumed. (A new one will manifest.) You can also pick any toppings/fillings for each as you please. For example: you could have a desert pizza if you'd like, or for the burger you could have a breakfast sandwich sort of like those mcgriddles at mcdonalds.
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Toxic Nostalgia Nostalgia can be great. There's nothing like the feeling of going back to something that you enjoyed from the past and revisiting it. I don't even mind cameos and nostalgia-baiting me into being charmed by a scene. (As cheap as it can be.)

However I've long been jaded to the idea, as most nostalgia is just hunting for what was the most popular shit from the 70's-Early 2000's and splattering it all over something with the expectations that we as the audience are going to clap our hands and begin shitting our pants with belly filled laughter, rivers of tears; and our hearts captured just because Darth Vader poofed in and began twerking for black history month.

I'm bringing this up because of the Dune movies. Let me get this straight: I love the 80's dune movie with Kyle MacLachlan. They got fucking Sting to perform as Feyd, which is hilarious, and he did a really good job. However, I pulled up my blizzard account shit to play some WC3 mods and got an advertisement for Black Ops with some dune promotions. Promotions can be cool, but, just slapping on Dune to a shooter franchise that practically defined the term "Generic" (I'm looking at you Doom Wads); it all just comes off as.. Lame.

I feel like the only people who get hyped for this are the same people that cried while watching the latest Star Wars trailers.

Also outside of the EU and original films (which had their own issues), star wars isn't even that good.
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Making breakfast. What's your favorite breakfast?
Mine: three eggs, buttered with salt and pepper overeasy. Two pieces of toast.
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Insomnia general 36 hours.
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Once again mankind proves its superiority over all other forms of life, making furries, featherfags, and scales cringe in agony
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Look at these burgers. Only us westerners get to appreciate God's gift to man. I'm cumming right now
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NSFW work games #Mature
This thread is for adult video games (porn) and the niche appreciation of well designed interactive adult visual novels.

Been playing Fap Night at Frennis', Orc Massage, and a few other surprisingly well designed adult games. Sure, at the end of the day they are pornography and for .. Certain.. Pleasures.. A lot of these games actually have a surprising amount of life and personality thown in.

Orc massage for example: I could have cheated my way into the sex scenes, but I've come to find I've been enjoying the dialogues as each scene comes naturally. The game play isn't bad either. Reminds me of cooking mama. I think the Harpy girl is my favorite, but the elf is quickly catching my attention with how sweet she is.

Fap Night at Frennis has amazing writing and I fucking love the girls. Fexa is probably one of the single hottest pieces of ass I've seen on an animated girl in a long time. Kinda wish the game would let you exchange models for certain cutscenes rather than have each girl locked with their own set of scenes.

Also please let Fexa dance. Yes, it's funny that she didn't want to, but we all need a dance for her.
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Like the male fantasy Tell me what your ♂male fantasy♂ looks like.

my male fantasy

my male fantasy (Yakuza - Baka Mitai)
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New ad from McDonalds Japan "McDonalds Japan has created a special version of the 2011 Nyan Cat meme song to promote new flavors of their Shaka Shaka Fries. Here is a video they just shared on TikTok."
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Monday, Monday Monday, Monday

It's Monday; time to get back to work!

How are you starting your new week?
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"calidum et deliciose succosum" Burger thread?
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And here it is the only sensible thing James White has ever said
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Surprised nobody has posted about this yet.

Dumbest shit I have ever seen
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Hobbies you wish you could try, but can't at the moment Bee keeping sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

pure fresh honey #honey #shortvideo #nature
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A Question for the LGBT users Do you feel safe here?
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The groomer is dead, he won't be seeing you tomorrow girl.

Kind of a shame as it would have been nice to see him at least recover as he was clearly very mentally unwell
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Plausible deniability I would just like to make it clear that if my internet history ever gets leaked or I die and it turns out the last video I watched was

"Autistic femboy tells you your dick is pog before you dick him down"

I would like to make it very clear that I was just watching it for the plot
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Starfish Prime caused an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that was far larger than expected, so much larger that it drove much of the instrumentation off scale, causing great difficulty in getting accurate measurements. The Starfish Prime electromagnetic pulse also made those effects known to the public by causing electrical damage in Hawaii, about 900 miles (1,450 km) away from the detonation point, knocking out about 300 streetlights, setting off numerous burglar alarms, and damaging a telephone company microwave link. The EMP damage to the microwave link shut down telephone calls from Kauai to the other Hawaiian islands.
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>try to fix some issue on your PC
>it bricks some other aspect of your PC
>try to fix that issue on your PC
>it bricks another aspect of your PC

I just wanted to gen some AI stuff. Why's it all gotta be broked.
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Man look at the state of the police in my country no wonder the crime rate is so high
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Movies Monkey vs Lizard makes me happy.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire | Official Trailer 2
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/lit/ Thread Whatcha Reading /chat/?

I've been looking through this, off and on, kind of skipping around. It's a 'guidebook', so I think that's allowed. Pretty cool stuff. Mostly it feels like it's just Winglets again, but that's also a welcome influx.
And in the between you get nice worldbuilding details, albeit mostly stuff already known or a little surface level.
(No image)
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Kill your prior selves.
Discard your attachments
Your codes and moralities
Aspire only to your goals
Use whatever means required
Sacrifice all that it takes
Become a Sigma Male
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SHUT UP! I'm trying to sleep!
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>The /b/ random board has vanished into thin air
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Hey , this place seems pretty chill and nice. Look at the difference in quality from the old ponychan now that its not run by a delusional troon with bias mod staff and not filled with circlejerking retards and pointless blogs.

Dare i say, this might actually work. Im so impressed in fact ive decided im not going to bombard it with scat and soyjak pictures and may even participate in joyous contribution.
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Would you like to donate a dollar?
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Welcome to /Chat/!

With /void/ being more /b/ and /b/ actually gone, there is a vacuum of conversation. So to reset balance that once was, we have /chat/! Which is more /chat/ than /b/.

Post music, talk about video games, vent about your life.

Just a couple rules:

⚠️1. You must 18 years or older to use /chat/. Anyone under the age of 18 will be banned.

⚠️2. No spam, flooding and many same messages in a row.

⚠️3. Begging (money, a game, patreon sub, someone's personal information, etc etc) extorting other users in any way is completely prohibited

⚠️4.Harassment. Disagreements happen, but getting personal and stalking isn't cool.

⚠️5. Do not post anything that is against the law within the United States or your own country for that matter. İt is completely prohibited to show/promote child pornography, shocking content (blood, harassment of people, animal abuse) everything that is gore is completely prohibited.

⚠️6. Venting is healthy, but always mind what you're posting online.

⚠️7. Porn and threads dedicated to specific adult topics are only permitted within the appropriate #Mature tagged threads.

⚠️8. Be excellent to each other.

All Global Rules apply. Cheers!
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Draw II: Electric Boogaloo DRAW

Here's something I'm working on. Maybe I will finish it, maybe I won't. Dunno. Not sure how I feel about it.
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Palworld Thread A general for Palworld

Post your Pals
Post your Bases
Post your Fanart

Discuss Builds
Discuss Lore
Discuss Drama

But most importantly:
Fuck Nintendo
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Y'all fairies posting in a Remilia Scarlet thread.
11 replies

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