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File: 1713670769885.jpg (154.8 KB, 965x827, Luna Fallen (cf Fallen Angel).…)

Artistry and passion Nother Nonymous (ID: c4a7ae)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   86

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about MLP:FIM (G4) was the intensely serious and passionate artistry that it inspired in so many of its adult fans. Check out, or revisit, the pony products of DuoCartoonist on YouTube, or "Lullaby for a Princess" (Lullaby for a Princess Animation). These works, and countless other fan-produced works of graphic art, music, and animation, hugely surpass the show itself in intensity and adult emotionality. G5 doesn't compare.

Why? What did G4 do that none of its predecessors or successors did to inspire this outpouring of artistry?

(ID: 1db844)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 87

File: 1713710855692.gif (995.42 KB, 504x504, thinking.gif)

I haven't seen G5 so my best guess would be that the corporate decision to press 'reset' on not just the series but the entire world/universe built around it has turned many off from getting invested in it at all. It's sort of like Disney declaring all of the Star Wars Expanded Universe to be non-canon only to retread old and previously well-worn ground but with worse stories. Since G5 has apparently hoof-waived away G4, they must necessarily retread the same concepts, stories, and themes. And then you have the issue that some must surely be asking, as I am - what exactly is G5? There's the CG style movies? the shows? the horrid looking Cal Arts cartoon miniatures? How do they all relate? Which ones are "real"? Which ones count? And then taking all of that, why get invested at all in something that is at best a poor facsimile of something that came before?

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