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GlimGlam is best pony glad that's been settled!
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Pony #Spoiler
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Been rewatching some of the show. Skipping around episodes just on what sounds interesting in title rather than trying to grind through what got me to stop watching to begin with..

Not bad. Some of the jokes are funnier than I remembered
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Why the short face? Why do all My Little Ponies of latter generations (G2-G5) have such short, catlike snouts? The conventional cartoonists' wisdom, that a babylike short face makes a character cute and attractive, is clearly wrong. A character with a long, horsy face can be perfectly adorable.
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Stored pix How many pony-related memes and graphics have you accumulated on your computers and drives? I have 1,339.
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Artistry and passion Perhaps the most remarkable thing about MLP:FIM (G4) was the intensely serious and passionate artistry that it inspired in so many of its adult fans. Check out, or revisit, the pony products of DuoCartoonist on YouTube, or "Lullaby for a Princess" (Lullaby for a Princess Animation). These works, and countless other fan-produced works of graphic art, music, and animation, hugely surpass the show itself in intensity and adult emotionality. G5 doesn't compare.

Why? What did G4 do that none of its predecessors or successors did to inspire this outpouring of artistry?
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Twilight Clones Because they're better than the original.

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