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File: 1707330478424.png (393.41 KB, 800x769, 139568297115.png)

Board Moderation (ID: bc373b)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   9

As mentioned on the front page, board moderation is left up to those who wish to step up and manage the various boards. This is not a top-down dictatorship like many of you are used to, wherein decrees come down from on high. Instead the nature of the various boards is left up to those who use them. There is, at this time, nothing technically distinguishing most of the boards, as there are no stated rules or usages distinguishing them at present - aside from the assumed legacy uses.

Of the current boards, /void/ is the only one currently being managed.
If you would like to step up and manage one or more existing boards, please make a post here stating your case for doing so. e.g. /void/ is being managed by a former active user of /void/ with a vested interest in that community.

If you do not see a board that appeals to you but would like to manage one, you are welcome to request a new board.

Boards that are unused for extended periods may be pulled from the navbar in the future.
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Shalissa (ID: f004ce)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 10

File: 1707411452144.jpg (252.18 KB, 850x972, Nun eating burger.jpg)

Considering I use every board except /fan/, and frequent the place often; I'm always down to take up a board to moderate.

As expected, here are my credentials.

“We have technology” but Patrick actually uses the computer

(ID: bc373b)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 13

File: 1707437493135.jpg (105.97 KB, 768x1024, 576.jpeg)

>>10 Awesome
I joined your Discord server; I'll message you about it on Discord later.

!PipesTtB.A (ID: 2842dd)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 32

Since you made Nonny a mod, and i like your chan, make Pipes a mod too because what could possibly go wrong having 2 of the worst retards in Ponychans existence running the show :^)

(ID: bc373b)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 33

File: 1707654596170.png (325.35 KB, 749x1024, asaadffff.png)

>>32 Your history on other sites is irrelevant here. This is a community-run site, and if you want to be part of the community, then it remains a possibility at the very least. Mods are on a per-board basis. So the questions are, what board(s) would you want to moderate and why? Would you want to have a new board created that you can define and manage? Or would you be interested in helping with a board that already exists but isn't yet defined? If you want to help with a board that already has a moderator, you'll need to clear it with them. /oat/ in particular is currently without direction.

Anonymous (ID: aac874)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 34

/shitpost/ . I can run that board.

Also it was a joke. Under no circumstances ever let me mod or jannie, Cat can tell you how that works out lol.

Besides, too much responsibility, i dont mind jannying incase of the odd cp attack but considering the bots havnt found this place yet, doesnt seem like i need to

Sharita Repulsa (ID: 2bf0d8)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 37

File: 1707936533163.jpg (323.62 KB, 1896x1073, Sharita Repulsa.jpg)

Under what circumstances is this harassment or stalking? Where did I even begin to mention your name Anon? You made a thread about AI generated text/art/music, and I simply made a request for images of Palestinians getting bombed. In no way is that harassment in any context, especially considering that the Israel-Palestine conflict going on right now is highly topical.

>"So to reset balance that once was, we have /chat/! Which is more /chat/ than /b/"

>/b/ like imageboard
>Gets 'asshurt' about imageboard like behavior

While /chat/ isn't /b/ or /void/, shitposting and trolling is allowed on /chat/ to some degree.

The site has been stable and flourishing despite your complaints; with no rules broken and the flow of traffic and topics coming along nicely. Nobody is derailing your threads, and nobody is spamming in your threads, and nobody has taken your ability to post away from you unjustifiably. It would be one thing if I say, began editing your posts to make you say stupid shit, deleting your posts, or outright took away your ability to make threads, but simply putting a trollish request for bombed Palestinians in an AI generated Art thread isn't even close to stalking or harassment. Everyone is allowed on /chat/.

If starting up drama over every single post that bothers you is your entire personality, then you probably aren't going to get along very well on the majority of these boards.

Also there is nothing against the rules about making fun of the death of Palestinians. That is protected with free speech. So no. Sorry. You receive NOTHING.

If you really feel as though I am personally attacking you, then you are free to chat with me about it over Discord. I have an open door policy.


Anonymous (ID: 9cc20a)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 38

Get wrecked, old void got ruined because you basically didn't allow people to have any opinion but your own. New void will succeed where you failed.

Anonymous (ID: f33cae)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 41

They wont listen cat. Nonny is basicly pretending to be nice so he can have power/friends. But we both know eventually hes gonna get drunk and implode and do something shitty to boat , so just sit back, enjoy the ride and prepare your "i told you so's"

Shalissa (ID: 2bf0d8)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 43

File: 1707965084150.jpg (67.31 KB, 786x744, Nifty loves knives.jpg)

In what way am I pretending to be nice?

Anonymous (ID: 0a665d)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 44

Eh, wouldnt work, i have no idea how all the buttons work

(ID: b85616)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid: 1  45

File: 1707984015163.gif (411.22 KB, 380x380, d7adqjv-a3deb0d8-80a7-47a6-a2e…)

>>35 I get that you two have some issues with each other. But I do think this is a bit of an overreaction.
On the bright side, it looks like people have been engaging with your thread contrary to what you predicted.
Nonny isn't a mod on 75% of the site, so if you are concerned, there are other options for boards to post on. And if you don't see one that's to your liking, you're welcome to either ask to have a new one set up, ask to help moderate and guide one that doesn't have a mod, or see if maybe one of the already moderated boards would accept some extra help (void?).
Personally I don't see this as stalking. Given your history, rude, sure.
I think you have a valid complaint if you were to say, for example, "please don't bring politics into this non-political thread."

Anonymous (ID: 2d88d2)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 48

I cant wait for him to ruin your site kek

Anonymous (ID: 2bf0d8)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 51

Anonymous (ID: 118b2f)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 55

Delete void since cats gone

Mudkip (ID: 5e6a4b)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 58

Ban Pipes

Oh wait, that never works
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