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Intermittent Downtime Likely We're back online! Electricity has been restored following what is thought to be the most devastating series of tornadoes in my city's history. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Development This thread serves as a running log of what's being actively worked on, announcements regarding site issues related to development, and notifications on completed tasks.
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>cp on /pony/
>not deleted
Trannie jannies.
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Board Moderation As mentioned on the front page, board moderation is left up to those who wish to step up and manage the various boards. This is not a top-down dictatorship like many of you are used to, wherein decrees come down from on high. Instead the nature of the various boards is left up to those who use them. There is, at this time, nothing technically distinguishing most of the boards, as there are no stated rules or usages distinguishing them at present - aside from the assumed legacy uses.

Of the current boards, /void/ is the only one currently being managed.
If you would like to step up and manage one or more existing boards, please make a post here stating your case for doing so. e.g. /void/ is being managed by a former active user of /void/ with a vested interest in that community.

If you do not see a board that appeals to you but would like to manage one, you are welcome to request a new board.

Boards that are unused for extended periods may be pulled from the navbar in the future.
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Concerns >Users must be at least 13 years old to use the site.

So with some of the boards allowing porn, (even through spoilers) and the way that people generally conduct theirselves; shouldn't this be an 18+ spot for people to talk on at minimum?

Just saying, you're really adding and inviting a shit show by making the supposed age limit so low.
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Suggestions Box /Oat/ should be made into a board dedicated to image dumps and links with less discussion focus. Sort of like a combination between a request board, /gif/ and /wsg/ on 4chan.

Discussion is allowed, but the primary focus is image sharing.

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