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The place for, well, roleplaying. Feel free to jump in.

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File: 1707635532611.jpg (88.4 KB, 640x796, The book.jpg)

Anonymous ## Mod (ID: f8db3f)Country code: us, country type: geoip, valid:   11Sticky

Welcome to /rp/, the dedicated roleplaying server. Whether you're looking for some lite-roleplay, a more dedicated play-by-post campaign/one shot, or something else entirely; this is your board. Simply make a thread, throw in a few #Hashtags as to what you're looking for (as an optional way to let others know what you expect). Out of Character threads are allowed so that players may communicate out of their dedicated game thread.

Just a couple rules with a few /Rp/ specific rules thrown in for good measure:

⚠️1. No spam, flooding and many same messages in a row.

⚠️2. Begging (money, a game, patreon sub, someone's personal information, etc etc) extorting other users in any way is completely prohibited

⚠️3.Harassment. Disagreements happen, but getting personal and stalking isn't cool.

⚠️4. Do not post anything that is against the law within the United States or your own country for that matter. İt is completely prohibited to show/promote child pornography, shocking content (blood, harassment of people, animal abuse) everything that is gore is completely prohibited.

⚠️5. Porn and threads dedicated to specific adult topics are only permitted within the appropriate #Mature tagged threads. In the case of /rp/ this includes Erotic Roleplay (ERP.) If you wish to make a thread surrounding ERP, then all you have to do is put the appropriate #Mature tags as you would with any other adult thread on this site.

⚠️6. All thread creators are for all intents and purposes in charge of their own thread. However, that does not give the OP the right to be an asshole.

⚠️7. Derails and blatant attempts to ruin other people's fun will not be tolerated.

⚠️8. Be excellent to each other.

As always, roleplay can be an inexact science to moderate for. If you have an issue with another person, try to squash it in an out of character thread and at the lowest possible level. If the problem persists, contact a mod and action may be taken. That said, enjoy your stay, and remember: it's all just for fun.

All Global Rules apply. Cheers!

Anonymous (ID: dd9007)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 14

>6. All thread creators are for all intents and purposes in charge of their own thread.
As if the OP has Mod power over the thread.

Shalissa (ID: b0f6f8)Country code: blank.gif, country type: blank, valid: 15

Technically not, but if say, someone were to come in and start ruining a thread then the offender would more than likely receive a time out.

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