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What are you currently listening to /mu/?

Tokyo Blade - Attack Attack
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The best genre of music to exist
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TTMMWTKMS Post music that makes you sad.

I've posted this band before, but it's worth mentioning again.

It's a good song, but I feel like 1:57 to like 2:38 is the only thing that somewhat kills it for me. After that it's back to being incredible.

Another song by them. This one is heart breaking, though it is the opposite in that the first minute could have been skipped. After that it just build up into this incredibly powerful explosion of what I can only describe as raw emotion.

This song has tormented me for years.
teen suicide - the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams

An honorable mention. Powerful stuff; from the poem in the beginning to the build of the guitars, drums, and screaming vocals.
Her Tongue Was Tattooed On the Back of Her Teeth - Old Gray
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Horrible music that you like Do it.

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Music from Video Games The Coffin of Andy and Leyley has an amazing soundtrack


Chrono Trigger is a classic
Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest (remix super loop + rain sounds)

Old Tekken music used to be so smooth
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - "Your Sunset" Customization Theme
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Who won? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Durst#Trent_Reznor_and_Marilyn_Manson
<"It's one thing if you know your place; like, 'Hey, I'm an idiot who plays shitty music but people buy it – fuck it, I'm having fun. But it's another thing when you think you're David Bowie after you've stayed up all night to write a song called 'Break Stuff'. I mean, Fred Durst probably spelt the word 'break' wrong the first couple of times. Fred Durst might be a cool guy; I don't know him. But his 'art' – in the word's loosest sense – sucks."
>"Trent Reznor is obviously unhappy with how he's alienated the world, how long he took to make a record, and how he thought he was immortal. We're just here doing what we do and we have nothing to say about anybody."
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This album really grew on me, but idk the genre. Kung fu rock?
Powerman5000 True Force
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First thread is a Static-X thread.
Try not to overdose =)
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Welcome to /mu/ Welcome to the music board, your place to discuss all types of bands and artists, songs and compositions, and anything else related to pleasurable ear noise.
We're pretty lenient on rules, so really only follow the main ponychan rules and you fine. This IS a music board, though, so the main focus is music. Light non-music threads are allowed from time to time, but will get deleted if needed.
<reddit space
Enjoy your stay!

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